About The Artist

My name is Jennifer Martin. I live in Medfield, Massachusetts with my husband Kevin, two children, Anna and Patrick, and our dog, Rose. I have a love of gemstones, minerals, rocks, and precious metals. As a child, I explored riverbanks, lakes and beaches with my grandmother, searching for relics, rocks and minerals. In recent days, my sister and I visit mines to dig through tailings for things like crushed tourmaline, garnet, smokey quartz and other minerals. My custom jewelry also includes rocks and pebbles from our favorite rivers and lakes in Maine and New Hampshire.
I use mostly fine silver and sterling silver, but also include some gold electroplating and a method called Keum-boo, an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to make silver gilt. I have also been known to take gold panning equipment to the rivers, hoping to incorporate gold flakes into my jewelry. So far, I haven’t “struck it rich”. Stay tuned!! I have many other gems and minerals in various colors for customers to choose from.
My sister and I have a goal to visit as many mines as possible to gather more gems and minerals to be incorporated into jewelry. We recently visited a mine in North Carolina. Stay tuned to hear about our next adventure!
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